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Are We Lucky Yet?


Bradley’s most recent story collection, Are We Lucky Yet? ( Press 53, 2009) was Runner Up in the 2009 AWP Grace Paley Short Fiction Prize. Allan Gurganus, judge for the competition, comments on collection, saying:

“Comedy alongside heartache, these stories croon honky-tonk ballads after closing time. They wade in loss but keep scanning for a Coast Guard rescue copter. Astute about the nuances of sliding social class, the stories are tough, direct, grimly funny. . . . The writing is adult: it acknowledges how much has been lost already. But the tone remains fresh with sweet (or bruising) sensation.

Every character comes rigged with a crazed belief—as the title suggests—that Luck is still somehow bound this way—after an unexpected delay in another time-zone. . . . The tales are set in trailer suburbia. But they actions seem played out across the Wal-Mart parking lot’s only clover covered median. Sexual relief can be found, but out near the dumpsters of a closed down strip mall steak house. . . . The writer’s steadying empathy and talent for doom, drive the characters toward reckless chance takings. This creates tender suspense as hard to shake as the stories’ betraying faith in Luck itself.”